Kanda Neko – Pucchito Hajiketa

Kanda Neko – Pucchito Hajiketa

It’s rainy today, I decided to share my favorite mangaka’s work.

Here we go! 

Pucchito Hajiketa aka Cherry Poppers

Mangaka : Kanda Neko

Summary : Ashitaka is an out and proud gay man , trawling for booty calls at his favorite gay bar —but only bottoms need apply, because Ashitaka only tops ! His first attempt at gay sex three years ago was painful and embarrassing. Thus, he vowed to never yield his ass to another man again. But fate has decided to throw the man who responsible for his ‘bottom trauma’ back into his life, pleading for a fresh start.

Read online : LINK

Download : LINK

See ya!

Makkura Yami de Kimi to by TAKANASHI Morimichi

Makkura Yami de Kimi to by TAKANASHI Morimichi

Hi! I’m Onlymeneko! Thank you for visiting my blog!

This is my first post. Please forgive me for any mistake i made 😉

I would like to share with you about boys’ love. I know, you didn’t read it wrong, BOYS’ LOVE. It also known as yaoi.

Well, you don’t mind if i continue, RIGHT?

Makkura Yami de Kimi to by TAKANASHI Morimichi

Summary : Adults have secrets. One night, after hearing a scream, Takimoto Kaoru is suddenly held tightly by someone in complete darkness. He was too surprised to retaliate, but the smell that tickled his nose was… Sakuma-kachou?! In addition he tells him to “sleep with me tonight”?! Takimoto, who couldn’t refuse an elite superior is now being used all over the place! And the appearance of a troublesome yandere ikemen Iwase Yuutarou doesn’t help either. A bitter love, where the guys’ wounds and secrets overlap, is here.

This manga is very… Cute and funny!

You can read it online READ HERE or you can download it CLICK HERE